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The Context of Trauma Matters

Whether you are a combat veteran, a childhood sexual abuse victim, a bullied teenager, or an adult interpersonal violence survivor – none of those experiences occurred in a vacuum. There was a context in which they took place. “Context” involves the other events, circumstances, and relationships in which the trauma was experienced, and that context […]

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It’s no secret that sexual trauma is a thief. The experience of assault and abuse steals a great deal from victims. Innocence. Freedom. Health. Safety. Relationships. The list varies, but there is always loss. A particularly troubling loss is to your calendar – your seasons – your special days. If Valentine’s Day twelve years ago […]

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Beauty in an Ugly World

Stella Adler said, “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” This is especially true for survivors of sexual trauma and abuse. Let’s face it – we’ve seen the worst and experienced some seriously twisted stuff. We’ve been in some dark places that are ugly and vile. Because […]

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Frustration’s Child: Anger

A residual issue for survivors of sexual trauma and abuse is that of having a profound sense of frustration. It stems from the impact of being exploited, silenced, and devalued. It amplifies the experience of being vulnerable, powerless, and without control. It sets in motion the horrible, recurring scene where you needed something and that […]

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Reimagine You as YOU

To be subjected to sexual trauma and abuse distorts how you think about yourself. If you had these experiences when you were growing up, you came to conclusions about your value. If a predator or a passive bystander didn’t value you, your boundaries, or your humanity, it’s pretty easy for you to believe that you […]

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