About Us

We believe that the source of human suffering comes from a broken relationship between God and people. Out of this broken relationship people have become abusive, violent, destructive, and self-centered. Abuse is only one of many evidences that this backward spiral away from the Creator exists.We believe that God is complete love and desires no harm to come to the people He created. We believe that He is also incapable of evil.

We believe that God put on an “earth suit” and visited this planet almost 2,000 years ago. He became “God with us, ” Immanuel. Jesus was his given name. He lived among us for about thirty-three years to accomplish the following mission:

. . . to share the heart and teachings of God with people;

. . . to eliminate the disease that causes human suffering (frequently referred to as “sin“). He did this by giving his life for the cause of freedom – freedom from the tyranny of this disease;

. . . to conquer death by returning to life through the power of the Creator.

By being both Creator and Creation, he took on the role of a mediator between the two. He became a bridge for broken people to find restoration with our Maker.

We believe that God took the first step in healing this broken relationship. Through his teachings, example, and life sacrifice, Christ revealed the path to restoration. It is through his role as mediator between Creator and Creation that the wisdom needed to live in freedom is given.

We believe that healing is possible for spiritual and emotional damage. We realize that this process is neither simple nor quick. We believe that a lifetime committed to listening to God’s Spirit, meditating on Scriptures, and living in a way that honors our created purpose, are all segments of the path that lead to freedom.

We believe that Jesus left us with a guide – his Spirit. God’s Spirit remains among us to give guidance, empowerment, insight, and hope. We believe that Christ will one day restore us and this planet back to our Creator’s original design – a world where disease, abuse, exploitation, poverty, hunger, sorrow, and violence will be totally unknown.

God is not an anatomical male. God is Spirit – a unique being, who is complete and transcends gender, time, or space. God is balance. However, for the sake of language, which at this point does not have a pronoun for God, we use the pronoun “he” or “him” as a matter of simplification and one of familiarity for most faith traditions. Please do not let the limitations of language limit your connection with God.