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Feeling Breast Pain after Menopause

breast pain after menopause

As they age, women are bound to experience a stage in their life, known as menopause. There is a good reason why menopause is called he change of life.’ During this period, it is common for people to experience pain or tenderness in their breasts. Even though it causes breast pain after menopause. According to statistics, up to about 70 percent of women above 60 years are said to have breast pain at some point of their life. Hormonal changes majorly cause breast pain, which physicians describe as a feeling of tenderness, swelling, discomfort or breast pain during menopause. It is also worth noting that breast pain is rarely a symptom of breast cancer.

An individual reaches menopause after about a year without experiencing her periods. This stage is followed by a transitional period known as the peri-menopause. Here, the estrogen and the progesterone hormones fluctuate randomly in the body. These hormonal fluctuations cause breast pains. Apart from this, the fluctuations also make an individual vulnerable to mastalgia. It is also common for breasts to become bigger or smaller during this period.

Breast pain should always go away entirely after a person enters menopause. However, experiencing breast pain after menopause is less common. If at all it happens, there are some home remedies and treatment you can use to drive away from the pain. These include observing the proper diet, consuming stimulants such as caffeine and ensuring that your bras fit correctly.

In addition, you can take lots of fermented soy beans. This is an excellent supplement for women going through their menopause. If you are experiencing prolonged breast pain, or you find a lump in your breast, it is important to see a medical expert and get checked.

Breast pain can sometimes be frustrating. All you need to do is eat healthily, use supplements such as soy bean, and have checkups in case of abnormality.

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