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Punch in the nose

punch in the nose

Avoiding fights sometimes become inevitable, especially when defending yourself or someone else. If teaching someone a martial lesson then is unavoidable then ensure to fight and win. You might receive some punch in the nose or give your opponents the same.

A nose punch is likely to cause nose bleeding as a result of damages to the blood vessels. It is also expected to cause your nose shape deformed, thus changing your appearance. Some actors undergo nose surgery to change their appearance. See who the actors with fixed nose [] by visiting this site. Some nose punch can also cause breathing problems later. This can be rectified by having a nose surgery where the nose shape is modified. Continue reading Punch in the nose

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Dealing with Physical Abuse Cases

physical abuse cases

Physical abuse cases are on the rise across the world and none is immune to this. Such can easily cause trauma to the victims that has punch in the face hence they must be addressed in the right way to reduce the negative impact. Children and women are the most affected when you come to physical abuse cases. The abuse is experienced differently as it may result from physical contact or the use of objects.

Hiding physical abuse symptoms can be close to impossible especially in the uncovered parts of the body such as the face. Different environments experience cases of physical abuse differently making it necessary to have basic controls to avoid them in the workplaces and homes among other environments. Continue reading Dealing with Physical Abuse Cases