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How to overcome a chewing tobacco addiction

chewing tobacco addiction

Chewing tobacco is very harmful and may result in mental, physical and emotional health problems. If you want to read articles about the issues that chewing tobacco can cause, visit Tobacco contains nicotine. Therefore you don’t expect to have an immediate stop, but rather a gradual withdrawal.

Below we are going to discuss key steps that will help in guiding you overcome chewing tobacco addiction.

  1. Plan on your quit date

As we said earlier, you can’t immediately stop chewing tobacco. Come up with a date, probably the coming month. Mark the date and start planning on ways you will use to help you stop this habit. You can visit your doctor for a prescription or go for counseling. This way, you will be able to increase your success rate of quitting.

  1. chewing tobacco addictionCut down on your chewing

This is always the bold step. Reducing the amount and the number of times you chew will greatly reduce nicotine level in your blood stream. Cut your usual amount by almost half and always have something in your mouth instead. Identify the triggers for your craving and learn to avoid them.

  1. Don’t chew when you are craving

Cravings are worse. You can choose to delay your intake when you feel you have a craving. You can start with let’s say 15 min. Then you can gradually increase that time as you near the quit date.

  1. Quit day. Don’t chew any tobacco

There is nothing good like breaking the link between you and tobacco. On your quit date, just don’t take any tobacco substance. By this time, your body will have adopted the cut-down, and you will not experience any craving. On this day, ensure you

Final thought

Quitting tobacco will require your commitment and persistence. It doesn’t happen overnight. You will definitely experience withdrawal symptoms, and it’s good if you find a support group that will help you. There are other substitutes for nicotine’s that may help reduce these symptoms.

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