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Complications of IV Drug Abuse

complications of iv drug abuse

Intravenous drug administration is associated with immediate action of the drug in the body since the drug is injected directly into the bloodstream. This has led to drug abuse of prescribed medications and substance drugs such as heroin and cocaine. As a result, this has led to abuse and misuse of drugs with serious side effects. Visit this webiste and know the complications of IV drug abuse.

Various health complications of IV drug abuse include:

Increased drug dependency

Continued intravenous injection of drugs into the bloodstream leads to a compelling sense for the continuous use of drugs and difficulty in controlling the use of drugs. These leads to addiction and drug overdose which can sometimes lead to death.

Bacterial infections

Non-sterile conditions and equipment used in the preparation of the drugs with poor hygiene of the injecting needles and skin surface are associated with an increased risk of injecting bacterial microorganisms into the blood. This eventually leads to abscess formation and infection including tetanus.

Heart complications

IV drug abuse leads to endocarditis, a condition that is associated with heart inflammation especially in the left side of the heart that damages heart valves. Unsterilized equipment can also transfer bacteria into the heart that lead to infective endocarditis. Eventually, this can lead to abscess formation, congestive heart failure, renal failure, septic shock, and stroke.

Viral infections

Blood-related viral infections can be transferred from one person to another due to the sharing of injecting needles. These include the Human Immunodeficiency Virus that reduces the immune system, Hepatitis B and C that damage the liver. complications of iv drug abuse

Suppressed immune system

Due to the associated bacterial and viral infections, the immune system is highly compromised which increases the susceptibility of other infections which can lead to death.

Blood vessel damage

Continuous use of IV drugs leads to the clogging of blood vessels and general exhaustion of blood nerves which leads to thrombosis of veins, swelling pain and even bleeding.

Organ damage

Clogging of blood vessels and toxic chemicals present in the drugs leads to damage and failure of major organs such as the brain, kidney, lungs and the liver.

Formation of skin scars
The site of IV injection can develop scars that can be permanent even after withdrawal of the drug use.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid long term IV drug use to prevent the occurrence of related complications. Medical treatments can also be offered together with therapies that help in treating the conditions.

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