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Stages Of Recovering From Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse which is also known as psychological abuse is among many types of violations in which a person is exposed to a traumatizing situation. The victim of this can be a spouse, sibling, child, and even parents. This type doesn’t hurt physically but damages the victim from the inside and can lead to various disorders, for instance, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. Usually, after an abusive episode, people try to forget the terrible episode and move on with their lives, but things don’t seem normal as they were before. A few symptoms including depression, obsessive or defensive behavior, and hopelessness may highlight that a person might be experiencing the aftereffects of emotional abuse.

The emotional abuse recovery stages involve confronting the hard truth instead of running away. Such people need to go through an entire process to recover from the damage. Though the recovery process is painful itself, it’s necessary to lead a normal life and maintain relationships.

The method of recovering consists of various stages which are discussed below:

  • Facing the Facts
    The recovery process begins with this stage in which a person is required to meet the traumatizing memories instead of running away from them. It allows a person to understand and accept the reality while forcing the internal mechanism of the human body to provide the necessary strength.


  • Exploring
    This stage involves exploring as much as possibly relevant to the traumatizing episode. Nowadays, a lot of resources such as books, blogs, social media, and videos are available regarding this issue that allows a person to know and learn from the experience of others. The more you understand and get to the depth of what has happened to you, the closer you get to the next stage.


  • Releasing the Inner Pressure
    After understanding the depth of the traumatizing experience, the victim feels like crying out all the pain that was building inside him/her with time. The victim senses a relief like a burden has been lifted upon him/her and gains more strength to confront the situation.


  • A New Beginning
    After successful completion of the stages as mentioned earlier, the victim can start an entirely new life while leaving the horrendous past behind. He/she regains enough strength to face the world and rebuild relationships. In addition to that, a few of them might also be able to aid other victims who had suffered a similar experience.
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