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Facts About IVF Egg Retrieval Pain

IVF Egg Retrieval Pain

Egg retrieval happens while undergoing some sort of sedation. An ultrasound is used to see what happens during location of ovarian follicles. The doctor uses a needle attached to a probe and inserts it into the vagina. This punctures each follicle, and there is a bit of suction to help remove the eggs as well as some fluid. Before eggs retrieval, your doctor will have to determine if eggs are of the right size or not. If they are of the right size, an HCG injection is given which helps to mature the eggs. The timing is essential since an overdeveloped follicles mean the eggs will be too mature for fertilization. With the procedure to be done, you would have a question, “Is IVF painful for me?” But during this procedure, you will be under anesthesia to reduce IVF egg retrieval pain.

Preparation for IVF procedure includes many different steps, such as changing your lifestyle as well as trying alternative therapies and managing your stress levels. Eating the right foods can help, and some experts recommend eating a lower fat diet for a few days. Avoid perfumed cosmetics and soaps during egg retrieval day and also on implantation day.

IVF Egg Retrieval PainFor a successful IVF, more than one mature egg is required. The doctor aims in the removal of all viable follicles where hormone-based medications are given to stimulate the production of viable follicles. The process takes about half an hour, and around 5-20 eggs are retrieved depending on the woman’s age. Viable eggs are mixed with donor sperms where they are cultured until fertilization. It’s known to cause cramping, and the doctor should prescribe some medicine. To prevent any infections, you are also advised to take antibiotics. Hormone supplements are given to help in endometrial lining. Visit your doctor if the following symptoms occur:

-Pain in your abdomen

-Vomiting that does not stop

-Vaginal bleeding

-Dizziness or fainting

It’s important to be prepared since implantation may fail if the egg is not fertilized.

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