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Indicators of physical abuse in the mouth

indicators of physical abuse

Indicators of physical abuse in the mouth.  Whenever you walk into the doctor’s office or any of the health centres with some of the symptoms, they can clearly be indicators of physical abuse. Since they may look almost like any other accidents, doctors must first find out the truth to be sure the indicators are as a result of physical abuse.  Other indicators can be as a result of injuries from objects used during physical abuse while others may be directly related to the physical abuse action. Don’t limit physical abuse to external indicators alone but an examination must be carried out on the victim to make sure there isn’t any internal injury.

Some of the oral indicators can include:

1.Presences of bruises and cuts in the mouth. Any form of physical abuse, especially in the mouth, will be marked by bruises and cuts either on the outer or inner part of the mouth. This is because the mouth is very delicate and easily breaks when hit by blows, slaps and other objects during physical abuse. 

mouth injury

2.Unexplained tooth loss or broken tooth. When a physical abuse involves fights between two or more, it may easily go to the extreme which may result in tooth loss. When a patient walks into the dentist office with a freshly broken tooth, it can either be as a result of an accident or physical abuse. 

3.Difficulty in breath and bleeding. When you suffer any form of physical abuse in your mouth, the effect is likely to extend to the nose making it difficult to breathe. The first indicator of any physical abuse that is related to the mouth is always bleeding and is always handled before any step is taken when you visit your dentist or at home. Most of the physical abuse cases will always have a victim who holds most of these indicators after any physical abuse.

Don’t keep your pain with you in the house whenever you undergo any of the physical abuse cases. Visit the nearest health centre since this can be an emergency and requires timely attention from the doctor.

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