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Long Term Effects of Xanax Abuse

long term effects of xanax abuse

Even though Xanax has been used across and it’s beneficial when it comes to treating panic and anxiety among many other conditions, it has its side effects that are important to understand. Just like any other form of medication that is used, excess use of Xanax can lead to abuse and overdose.  Prolonged use may even lead to long term effects. To learn about the long term effects of Xanax abuse, visit this site.

When Xanax is used outside the prescribed ways, it can have negative effects on physical and mental wellbeing. The use of Xanax works miracles when it comes to controlling the brain status since it targets the chemical that is produced by the brain which results in the relaxation effect.

Some of the techniques that are used by the Xanax to work effectively include:

•Depressing the nervous system.
Slow breathing.
•Reduced brain activity.
•Decrease restlessness.

Great results are seen for the people who use Xanax for treatment. It works magic to bring anxiety to an end by making the victim of anxiety calmer and composed. Those with known cases of anxiety have better ways to use Xanax and enjoy better results. Following the great ability of Xanax which makes it deliver perfect results within a short time, most people end up abusing Xanax which can subject the body to some risks. The long term effects of Xanax abuse that are commonly experienced across the world include and not limited to the following.
•Problem with breathing. long term effects of xanax abuse
•Reduced concentration.
•Change in appetite and weight.
Dry mouth.
•Affected vision.

Following the impact of Xanax on the brain, when it’s abused for a long time it can cause brain disturbance. Cases of brain damage and death can also be experienced as a result of the use of Xanax for a long time. The body is unique and the long term use of Xanax can make the body to develop tolerance against the use of Xanax. In such a state, Xanax will no longer have any impact when used and the users are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms.

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