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Missing Teeth Problems

missing teeth problems

Missing teeth is one of the major problems that many people experience in our world today. This has majorly been caused by various problems such as accidents, trauma, gum diseases, and unhealthy nutrition practices. Many people assume and live with the missing teeth problems not knowing some of the implications that are likely to come about as a result of their missing teeth. But do not worry so much as there is a Meadowbank dental centre who can help you resolve your missing teeth problems. Meanwhile, below are some of the major problems that are associated with missing teeth .

1.Early aging

Early aging is one of the major problems that can be caused by missing teeth . When a person loses teeth, the skin around the mouth where the missing teeth is located begins to sag making a person appear much older. This can result in a person experiencing a problem of low self-esteem.

2.Much difficulty in chewing.

Human teeth are structurally arranged in a way that makes it easy for a person to be able to chew well. When a tooth is missing, there’s can be a gap between the teeth. This can cause much pain to a person when chewing food.

3.Loss of confidence

Research done showed that people with missing teeth experience a lack of confidence. A person with missing teeth is likely to feel embarassed when talking and many of them find themselves trying to avoid smiling because of the missing teeth.

4.Speech issues

People with missing teeth problems usually experience problems in their speech as they try pronouncing different words. They also experience anxiety and depressions.

5.Bone loss

Many people who have lost their teeth experience atrophy issues which result in bone loss. This usually makes a person’s facial structure to change making a person appear much older than they should be.

In conclusion,
A person who has lost teeth should visit a dentist to avoid the various problems that come as a result of teeth loss.

missing teeth problems
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