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Punch in the nose

punch in the nose

Avoiding fights sometimes become inevitable, especially when defending yourself or someone else. If teaching someone a martial lesson then is unavoidable then ensure to fight and win. You might receive some punch in the nose or give your opponents the same.

A nose punch is likely to cause nose bleeding as a result of damages to the blood vessels. It is also expected to cause your nose shape deformed, thus changing your appearance. Some actors undergo nose surgery to change their appearance. See who the actors with fixed nose [] by visiting this site. Some nose punch can also cause breathing problems later. This can be rectified by having a nose surgery where the nose shape is modified.

The nasal skull is also likely to be broken in case a well-placed punch in the nose. It can result in nose bleeding later, even when feeling like you have recovered. Ensure to have a rhinoplasty after any nose injury since your doctor will identify the best surgery for your nose.

A nose punch is always painful; thus, it becomes an attractive target to hit someone without necessary knocking them down. Even a light punch in the nose will cause excruciating pain since it takes even a few pints of pressure about 7 pounds to cause considerable damages to someone’s nose.

punch in the noseReceiving a nose punch will be disorienting due to the severe pain as a result of the broken nose cartilages and broken blood capillaries; thus, blood will ooze out of the nose. Since eyes are connected to nose the through the tear ducts, thus damage of the nose will also cause eyes to produce tears which can lead to temporary vision loss.

Damaged smelling may lead to loss of the ability to smell mainly if the problem is not addressed immediately after receiving a nose injury.

If a good punch is thrown especially from a person facing you directly thus the magnitude of the pressure of the punch landing with great force on your nose, then your nose cartilages can easily get broken.

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