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Relief when you experience toothaches only at night

toothaches only at night

Many people find that they are not experiencing any tooth pain during the day, only at night the tooth will start aching, or they will experience Toothache after dinner. The problem is particularly severe when the person is trying to go to sleep since the pain will make it difficult for the person to relax and get sleep at night. It is also difficult to contact a dentist at night since most of the dentists are closed. So many people are looking for information on what to do when toothaches only at night. They want information on how to get relief from dental pain so that they can relax and get sleep. Some remedies for tooth pain are discussed.

toothaches only at nightClove oil is considered one of the most effective ways of getting relief from dental pain. The clove oil reduces the inflammation which causes pain, and it also makes the area on which it is applied numb for some time. Usually, only one tooth in the mouth is paining due to the infection or fracture, and applying clove oil dipped in cotton can reduce the pain to a very great extent. It should be noted that clove oil can also cause burns, so it should be applied only for a limited amount of time. If relief is not obtained, other methods may be used.

The pain is caused by bacteria, hence brushing the teeth with a toothpaste could help reduce the pain to some extent. Mouthwashes can also provide temporary relief from the pain. Using a solution of salt and water will also help destroy the bacteria in the mouth and provide some relief from the pain. The severity of the problem varies from person to person. So other methods may also be used. Painkillers like aspirin act on the central nervous system, and are the most effective way of getting relief from pain. Hence based on the cause of the pain, different methods will help in alleviating the toothache.

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